Two locations: Paris, Varaire

Paris: report by Momoe Suga

In Paris, we held a prayer gathering with a group of six people. Although we were a small group, we all felt that we received a very strong energy. At the end of the ceremony, we felt full of strength and joy.

One participant commented, “I felt a powerful energy and was surrounded by serenity, as if I had been at Fuji Sanctuary.” Another said, “I felt the solidarity of humanity, and my life was surrounded by the vibration of harmony.”

The most wonderful thing that came out of our gathering was that we all decided to hold the first ever SOPP ceremony in Paris next year!


Varaire: report by Satyakaman

We held our prayer gathering in the small town of Varaire from noon to 1 pm, local time. It was with a group of people who had come for Maitreyi Amma’s preparatory meeting for next summer, including representatives from all regions of France, and a few more persons who were in the center at that time.

We prepared a sacred lamp with some decoration in a special place. We also prepared a banner reading “May Peace Prevail on Earth” and set up our small peace pole. We lit the lamp, representing our connection to the divine, and then started reciting a Gayatri mantra for world peace. Then, every person present, starting with Maitreyi Amma, offered petals to the altar (the sacred lamp and peace pole). Finally, we made a large circle, holding hands, and recited the sacred syllable ‘Om’ several times to heal the Earth.

The weather was quite cloudy and fresh, which was a relief during a very warm period. Since our morning prayers, we had been clearly feeling a very peaceful energy that day. Everyone felt very happy and honored to take part in such a beautiful ceremony and to contribute to the prayers for peace offered by so many people on that day.

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