Santiago, Chile: report by Sandra Contreras

On the 22nd of May, despite a forecast for rain, we had a beautiful, sunny autumn day, with vibrant colors of red and yellow around us, and a bright light which seemed to be protecting us. I knew everything would be fine as 170 people gathered for our SOPP ceremony at a cultural center in the commune of Peñalolén.

Everyone participated wholeheartedly, joining with deep respect and enthusiasm in prayers from eleven different spiritual traditions—Baha’i, Brahma Kumaris, Buddhism, Catholicism, Free Thinkers, Judaism, Krishna Consciousness, Kudalini, Lutheran Church, Mapuche indigenous people, and Taoism—as well as a prayer from Byakko Shinko Kai and various mantras, songs, and meditations.

The message sent by Masami Saionji to overseas gatherings resonated strongly in our hearts, and I felt that we were in a sacred, magical environment. I saw each participant creating his or her own symphony of emotions, wishes, and vibrations, and I felt that we were creating a new Earth with the energy of peace generated during the day. Days later, I still strongly feel the happiness and the wonderful sense of having radiated vibrations of love out to the planet, and of being one with people in so many other countries, surrounding our planet with light and love.

Maria Teresa Moya, who led the Brahma Kumaris prayer, remarked: “I felt we created a magical environment which produced a vibration of love, peace, harmony and solidarity. Each one was deeply touched by the beauty of the words of each prayer. With a feeling of hope for a better world to live in, and for a healthier cleaner environment, it was a symphony which came out from our hearts and I’m sure God also listened.”

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