Two locations: Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires: report by Elena Becú

Some 300 people attended the SOPP ceremony held in Buenos Aires. Organizer Mare Cazau welcomed participants, followed by myself. I tried to convey the idea that we were gathered there to be creators of the future—a future with no boundaries between people—and that our very presence demonstrates what is possible.

We held a peace prayer ceremony with national flags, in which participants stood up, picked up a flag and presented it, while everyone prayed: May peace prevail in (name of country). Then, prayer leaders from eight spiritual traditions—Islam, Judaism, Catholicism, Brahma Kumaris, Rama­krishna Ashram Argentina, Original Tribes, The Message, and Independent Spirituality—led participants in a prayer, song, or meditation. We closed the ceremony by forming a large circle, embracing one another, praying May peace prevail on Earth, and offering a prayer of gratitude to nature.

The ceremony was a great success. Everyone was united in spirit, and the energy of love and reconciliation filled the room throughout the ceremony. The atmosphere was one of joy, reunion, and embrace. The energy was so strong that most people hardly moved from their seats during the three hours of the ceremony!


Buenos Airesreport by Adriana Ginatto

On May 16, we held a large outdoor meditation gathering, known as Meditación Masiva. Although it was a little cold in the morning, the sunshine stayed with us throughout the event. People joined together with a common purpose, respecting each other’s differences. At one point, I felt something in me ‘click,’ and I could feel my consciousness expanding—I could see more than I had perceived up to that point in my life. It was beautiful to share this with many people.

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