Bogotá: report by Mayra and Edmundo Esquenazi

In the weeks leading up to May 16, we visited three different schools and conducted peace prayer ceremonies with hundreds of students, from kindergarten to secondary school. The students showed great enthusiasm for this activity and its purpose.

Our largest event, however, took place on May 13, when we joined in celebration with the musical group Bonka for a peace concert. The concert was broadcast live over the internet, where it was viewed by people in Japan, the United States, and Europe. The singer and director of Bonka, Alejandro González, conducted a lovely peace ceremony, accompanied by a peace pole, peace prayers for the nations of the Americas including the flags of those nations, and the sound of Infinito, a composition especially dedicated to our project L’Infinité. We kindly invite you to visit our webpage,, to enjoy part of the concert.

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