report by Joanna Helen Newsom

At the time of the SOPP, I was in Morocco with my Sufi husband and my eight-year-old son. At 2 am on the morning of May 16, I connected with Fuji Sanctuary and all those praying for peace around the world and invited the guardian deities of Morocco to join us in prayer for peace.

I performed a silent prayer and twenty minutes of meditation, and also some Muslim prayers which I am learning. Then, I offered prayers for each country, which took me until 4:30, about the time when I think the cere­mony at Fuji Sanctuary may have finished.

I felt light-energy come to the house, and to Morocco. I really felt honoured to be in service, which is also an important aspect of Islam. It is amazing to think that we can all connect in the spirit of prayer and perform some service for humanity.

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