Frankfurt:  report by Rita Erhardt

On May 16 I decorated symbols for the four elements around my small peace pole and placed two written mandalas in the room as well. Even though there were only two of us participating, I felt excited and even a little nervous.

We started at 10 am. My concentration was very strong as I prayed and entered into a meditation. Outside it was a grey and rainy day but when I closed my eyes it was like sunshine. During my meditation I felt a connection to all the other ceremonies around the world and it made me proud to be part of this wonderful event. I felt so totally united and was full of gratitude. I saw very clearly the importance of each person. I felt like a very small cell in a wonderful, shining organism.

After the prayers for each nation we did one more meditation and offered a silent prayer of gratitude to nature. Afterwards, we sang: “One by one everyone comes to remember, we’re healing the world one heart at a time…” and for some very precious minutes I had the feeling of being a very small cell in a heart full of light, peace, love, and laughter.

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