Sopot : report by Danuta Stopieńska and Agnieszka Gutral

On May 16 an SOPP ceremony was held in the Polish seaside city of Sopot, near Gdańsk. The ceremony was organized and led by Anna Wojtyło (creator of the Spiritual Tricity Internet portal), Danuta Stopieńska (a therapist working with the Fuji-san Health Education Center in Gdańsk), and Agnieszka Gutral (founder of the Fuji-san Health Education Center). The event was attended by people representing various spiritual environments and practicing diverse spiritual paths. The participants included therapists, musicians, spiritual teachers, and also Marek Kamiński, the famous Polish traveler who reached both of the Earth’s poles.

The ceremony began with the planting of a Peace Pole, and then a group of people connected with Fuji Sanctuary performed a peace prayer. Afterwards, we offered prayers for peace from various traditions. Magda Miętki, an opera singer, performed the beautiful Christian song Ave Maria. Swami Karmayogi Saraswati, a musician and yoga teacher, intoned the Om mantra together with participants, and sang a prayer for peace in Sanskrit.

Barbara Romanowska, a therapist and singer, performed a gospel song together with participants. Kazimierz Kwietniewski, a therapist and spiritual healer, guided a meditation connecting all participants with the Light. At the end, Agnieszka Gutral led a prayer for peace in all countries of the world, and we repeated the message May peace prevail on Earth for each country. Finally, all participants stood in circles around a mandala made of the flags of all countries, and sent peace and love from their heart chakras to the entire Earth. After this meditation many people were moved to tears and thanked one another for this beautiful time. After the ceremony we enjoyed the good weather and the magic of the moment, feasting together.

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