3 events: Buenos Aires, Los Polvorines, San Luis

Buenos Aires, Argentina: report by Mare Cazau and Andrea Solana

More than 70 people, including many families with children, attended the Symphony of Peace Prayers held in Buenos Aires on May 17. Six representatives from different religions and cultures were present to lead participants in prayers. Everyone joined in with enthusiasm and joy on a day of radiant sunshine! Together, we created a vibrant celebration of peace and global unity.

On May 18, we held a flag ceremony as part of the opening day festivities of the annual Moreno Zen event, in Moreno City, just outside Buenos Aires. We shared a brief meditation and prayer for peace, and then more than 50 adults and children carried the flags of world and the Earth flag in a cheerful and touching ceremony. After this, we came back together in a circle and spoke positive affirmations to our beloved Earth and prayed for peace all together. A video of the flag ceremony can be viewed online at


Los Polvorines, Argentina: report by Matilde Pruzzo

We held a peace prayer gathering in Los Polvorines on May 17th. In total we were 19 people, including seven children. We started by inviting participants to contribute to a large collective mandala by writing their intentions for peace and love. All the participants said that they found it a wonderful activity, and it created a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere in which to hold our flag ceremony. During the ceremony we asked participants to vocalize the names of the countries with a lot of energy, and at the end the children toured the circle of flags with the Earth flag, which was lovely.

Thank you all so much for your love and good intentions to pray for peace in the world and for all the world’s children!


San Luis, Argentina: report by Claudia Cuman

Words are not enough to describe the deep meaning of our meeting of peace. On May 18, we joined with our dear friends and family around the world. It was more than just meeting in a circle to sing, dance, and pray. It was also seeking together the daily work to become peace. It was silence, and the sharing of a poem by Borges. We planted a carob tree as a symbol of peace in our magical community. We wrote down some words with bright intentions. And again, we danced with joy, emotion and a sense of infinite peace.

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