Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda

4 events: Butembo (DRC), Goma (DRC), Nakivale (Uganda), Kampala (Uganda)

Butembo, Democratic Republic of Congo: report by Muhindo Mapendo Kasongo Pascal

On May 18th, two peace prayer gatherings were held in Butembo. My friend, Mr. Baraka Kombi, and I organized these gatherings for young people, as we did last year. Young people are the future. They need to learn about how human beings can use positive means to build a peaceful world. Especially, they need to know about the power of meditation and prayer for peace as the best methods for creating a peaceful society. These methods provide energy which is necessary to concentrate on ideas and projects for peace. The participants said they were happy to be taught about these methods.


Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda (3 events): report by Fraide Emmanuel Kibibi

It was great to have taken part in the 2013 SOPP at Fuji Sanctuary. I learned a lot there, which I used to organize three events in central Africa this year. The first, from May 8-10, was at the Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Uganda, where there are lots of refuges from Congo, Rwanda, Somalia, and Burundi. The next one took place in Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo, from May 13-16, and the last was in Kampala, Uganda, from May 18-22.

All these events were full of positive vibrations and energy. We said prayers and held a meditation for world peace, we created written mandalas, and we prayed for peace in individual nations. At each event, we had groups of adults and children, and conducted activities separately with each of them.

We had prayer leaders from three different religious traditions (Protestant Christian, Catholicism, and Islam), and this was my first time to see them unite and pray for the same cause—the cause of universal peace. We watched a video about the SOPP and the various events around the world, and many people were pleased to know what takes place at Fuji Sanctuary and to connect with the rest of the world in peace and harmony.

We closed each ceremony with dancing, singing, and enjoying food together, as a way of sharing with each other and giving to those in need. I am very thankful to Byakko Shinko Kai for introducing me to such a wonderful way of sharing happiness with my people and with the whole world.

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