3 events: Potenza, Ragusa, Rome

Potenza, Italy: report by Maria Caterina Putignano

A beautiful SOPP ceremony was held again this year in Potenza. For the past few years, the ceremony has been a public event, and this year many young people participated in the organization, helping to choose the music, and offering a special dance in honour of Mother Earth. Their contribution was absolutely wonderful. Two associations helped organize this SOPP—one is an artists’ association, and the other is an association of poets.

We began with prayers from different faiths and traditions, and it was wonderful to feel the togetherness and oneness in the group, with each individual offering her or his prayer. After that, we held a flag ceremony to pray for peace in each country and region on earth.

Overall, it was a very harmonious SOPP ceremony, filed with peace and love. After the SOPP, Vito, the main organizer, and the group of young people continued with several artistic presentations, including a beautiful one with fire.


Ragusa, Italy: report by Sasha and Renato

This year, for the 2014 SOPP and Global Peace Meditation and Prayer Day, we at the Maunacenter in Ragusa prayed for the nation of Ukraine and for the health of our Mother Earth. We also linked with Buddhist meditation groups in Sicily and with various Christian groups who work for peace.

Our prayer was: Now is Peace… Now is Light… Now is Love… Now is Oneness… May the love of my life and the world be in harmony.


Rome, Italy: report by Guru Inder Kaur

At the Yoga Dharma Community’s yoga centre in Rome, we celebrated the 2014 Symphony of Peace Prayers with a flag ceremony to pray for peace in each country and region. Although there were only nine of us, it felt like many more. There was a great intensity to the ceremony, and we felt a strong connection with Fuji Sanctuary. When the ceremony was finished, everyone said they felt great happiness and peace in their heart.

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