2 events: Gdańsk and Jelenia Góra

Gdańsk, Poland: report by Danuta Stopieńska and Zofia Gruszecka

On the 18th of May we gathered in Gdańsk to connect with the SOPP ceremony taking place at Mount Fuji. Our group consisted of nine people in total. We offered prayers for peace in Poland, Ukraine, Russia, and the whole planet. Then, we continued with a Christian prayer—the prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi—and a set of Christian precepts. We read our own thoughts and reflections on peace and spoke affirmations of peace. We conducted a peace prayer ceremony with the flags of all the countries and the Earth flag, and at the end we meditated, focusing on light and love. We stood in a circle around the flag mandala we had created and we sent an intention and an image of peace and love surrounding the earth straight from our hearts.


Jelenia Góra, Poland: report by Jacek Kozłowski

On May 18, my family and I prepared a small SOPP gathering to connect with the ceremony at Fuji Sanctuary. To begin, we did a rededication of the peace pole in my garden. We prayed for peace in Poland and in the world. After that we prepared the flags of all the countries. My daughters were very excited to do this preparation and to be a part of the world peace prayer community. It was a wonderful, sunny day, so we could enjoy warm weather with gratitude to nature, which was full of greenery and colorful flowers.

After a short silent meditation, we began our peace prayers, and we prayed for each country in the world. In the afternoon, after the flag ceremony, the weather began to change. We packed the flags away before the fresh, cleansing rain began to fall. When the rain was finished, a beautiful rainbow was shining in the sky. We felt joy and happiness to be part of the world peace prayer community, to have a chance pray together with many people around the world, with the consciousness that together we can create a better, happier, and more peaceful world.

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