2 events: Kuala Lumpur, Kuantan

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: report by Geetha Madhavan

On the 17th of May, the Pure Life Society held two special events, which we dedicated to the tenth annual Symphony of Peace Prayers at Fuji Sanctuary.

The first was a birthday celebration for Mother Mangalam, President of the Pure Life Society, for her 88th birthday. During this celebration, there was also the launch of Mother’s poetry book. Altogether, there were more than 500 persons present from various ethnicities and religious backgrounds.

On the same morning, there was a debate organized by our Inter-faith Spiritual Fellowship (INSaF), a satellite body under the aegis of the Pure Life Society, in conjunction with our Founder’s Day. The theme was entitled ‘Inter-faith Education for Youth is Essential for National Unity and Harmony’. The participants were from two universities—the University of Malaya and the International Islamic University Malaysia.

Both of these events were held amid attending to Mother Mangalam, who was hospitalized with broken ribs. Now, she is up and recovering well. Mother Mangalam sends her warmest love and regards to all involved in the SOPP.


Kuantan, Malaysia: report by Haruyuki Uchiyama

My wife, Sandra Kho, and I participated in the SOPP at Fuji Sanctuary through the internet. Although I miscalculated the time difference and missed the first part of the ceremony when it was broadcast live, we did see the live flag ceremony. I stayed tuned in to the Ustream channel, and after a while the video was rebroadcast, so we were able to watch the first part, which we had missed, including Masami Saionji’s speech and the prayers from different faiths. So, we were able to take part in the SOPP somehow. Although our participation was through the video, I felt the greatness of the SOPP at Fuji Sanctuary, and I had a sense of having participated. It was also the first experience of the SOPP for my wife.

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