Paris, France: report by David Bourgeois

Every month, our Champ Elysées group in Paris gathers in a place in the 11th district to pray for world peace. We chose to gather there again to celebrate the Symphony of Peace Prayers on May 18th, and nine people came together, including someone who joined us for the first time.

We listened to the message from Masami Saionji, which reminded us of the power of our positive energies, which when added to our prayers can change the world. One religion was shared by several of the people in the group, so we prayed together a prayer from that faith, the Pater Noster, and also read quotes relating to peace.

We then proceeded with the prayers for the nations of the world, by raising the flag of the nation before placing it on a table, so as to form a spiral in the end. In doing so, we could visualize the country and send our positive thought waves to it. We closed our SOPP gathering with a special wordless prayer. We felt unity and joy in the group.

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