2 events: Paris, Velizy

Paris, France: report by Renée and David Bourgeois

On May 17th, we joined in the prayers for world peace organized at Fuji Sanctuary and worldwide, with our own prayers for peace in each country, prayed in each national language. We then read the Fuji Declaration in French and signed it, feeling united with all our friends who were at Fuji Sanctuary for the SOPP and for the official launch of the Fuji Declaration. We felt very happy to be part of this event and had a deep feeling of accomplishment.


Velizy, France: report by Sachiko Muguruza

I participated in the SOPP ceremony at Fuji Sanctuary from my home in France, via the live internet broadcast. I wholeheartedly prayed for peace in each country and region as the flags were presented on stage. During the prayers, I was naturally able to forget about my personal matters and things going on in the world, and focus on praying for peace in each country on earth. That was the kind of energy I felt from the ceremony. Although I wasn’t able to see the entire ceremony, I felt a tremendous sense of oneness.

On a later date, I watched the recorded ceremony in its entirety. I felt that the Fuji Declaration gives expression to humanity’s true desire. I was particularly impressed to see the large group of founding signatories to the declaration being introduced on stage. They seemed to me completely selfless, and filled with kindness and love, like bodhisattvas. The Islamic prayer was also quite sublime, and seemed to resonate out to the whole world.

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