Montevideo, Uruguay: report by Elena Becú

Our celebration in Montevideo on May 23rd was a wonderful event, with around 100 participants from Montevideo and five neighboring cities.

We started with a very powerful dance that included both movement and meditation. Then, I talked about what the Fuji Declaration means for the planet and for each person, and Andre, another organizer, explained how to sign it for those who were interested.

12 organizations were represented, and each representative spoke about why they supported the declaration, with amazing words of love and unity. To end the event, we did a complete flag ceremony to pray for peace in each country, ending with a dance.

It is hard to put into words the emotion we all felt as the event progressed. The feeling of unity in diversity certainly was created at this moment. Everyone present said they felt a strong desire in their heart to be part of the creation of this new world, even if it is not very clear how it is going to develop, and even considering the difficulties of breaking away from the old paradigm of separateness. The spark of the desire has come into consciousness and it can’t be stopped. It has already been created.

A video of the event can be viewed online at https://youtu.be/zAt97YhiSWU.

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