4 events: Bad Kissingen, Bad Wildungen, Berlin, Missen-Wilhams

Bad Kissingen, Germany: report by Rita Erhardt

We were 11 and a half (one participant was pregnant!) people who came together to celebrate the Symphony of Peace Prayers in Bad Kissingen.

After a warm welcome, a short overview of the program was given including a short explanation for new participants. This was also the time when we informed participants about the new and very important part of the program: the inauguration of the Fuji Declaration. Suddenly there was silence, and everybody was listening very attentively to the thoughts, ideas and the background of this declaration. After reading the declaration we built a circle holding each other’s hands and prayed that all human beings will reawaken their divine sparks, recognizing that we are all connected and one, and affirming that each day, we will be able to fulfill this declaration a little bit more.

Next, we created a pure and harmonized atmosphere with a wordless prayer and a meditation on oneness. We tried to direct our thoughts to Fuji Sanctuary and all the other places on earth where SOPP events were taking place, and connect with them. Then, we started our Symphony of Peace Prayers with each participant speaking a prayer from a different religious or spiritual tradition.

For our flag ceremony, we sat in a circle and after praying for peace in seven countries we moved to the next chair in a clockwise direction. The flag cards were placed around symbols of the four elements and the main religions that were lying in the center of our chair circle on the floor. After the prayer for “all the other regions of the world” we stayed in silence for some minutes. Then we started to dance and sing and express all our joy.

Building a circle once again, we expressed our gratitude to the people who made the Fuji Declaration come true, to all the people who have been praying for peace for such a long time, and to all participants of all the SOPP events worldwide. Afterwards, we met in a nice restaurant in the countryside to have lunch together.

Some comments from participants:

“It was so beautiful to feel the different energy of each prayer expressing the same wish for peace.”

“Watching and listening to the participants while they were holding the flag cards, I suddenly recognized that I really love them for being different. There was so much acceptance and tolerance. I never felt like this before. Thank you!”

“After the end of the ceremony I could feel only joy and oneness.”

“I could feel the diversity of each of us and that all the participants were so strongly connected with each other, like one strong unit.”

“There were many moments in which I felt or realized that all the others in the group were a part of me.”

“With the presentation of the Fuji Declaration the ceremony became complete.”


Bad Wildungen, Germany: report by Ingrid Lück

I held a one-person SOPP celebration here in Bad Wildungen, Germany. After doing a few prayers using hand and arm movements, I consciously connected to Fuji Sanctuary and all the places on the planet where SOPP gatherings were happening. Then, I did an extended meditation, praying for world peace. I could feel high energy during my prayers. It was very powerful.

Infinite gratitude and appreciation to everyone connecting in prayers! Thank you especially to the team at Fuji Sanctuary for all the wonderful work you did.


Berlin, Germany: report by Katharina Brocke

In Berlin a group of five people gathered together. They performed wordless prayers for peace and held a ceremony to pray for peace in each country. They also recited the Fuji Declaration together. They reported that they were very happy to link up and be part of the great celebrations at Fuji Sanctuary. They acknowledged the importance of the work and said they felt very happy to be part of it.


Missen-Wilhams, Germany: report by Angelika and Mike Schützinger

Together at our home in Missen-Wilhams, we created a beautiful ceremony of peace prayers from different faith traditions and prayers for peace in each country. We loved the feeling of being connected to all the other people celebrating around the world. The mandala formed by the national flags adorned our apartment for several days!

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