Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and Uruguay

report by Elena Becú and Andrea Solana

On the evening of May 15th, we held an online SOPP gathering with 37 people from Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and Uruguay.

Andrea began with an explanation of the Symphony of Peace Prayers and an introduction of the evening’s program. This was followed by Elena’s reading of a poem by Gabriela Mistral called “Daybreak.” We then held a meditation to contemplate the sunrise in our lives and in the world.

Dividing into smaller groups, participants were given a few questions to ask themselves, and then shared their thoughts with their group. Afterwards, each group presented its conclusions. Then, returning to the small groups, participants were offered a blessing, in the form of a reminder of the reasons we work for peace.

The second part of the program focused on sustaining and nurturing all life on the planet Earth. Andrea introduced the topic, and then we viewed a video on Gratitude to Nature created by Byakko Shinko Kai. After this, we expressed our gratitude to the ocean, land, mountains, food, water, plants, animals, and other aspects of nature, while forming a wordless prayer with hands and arms.

In part three, we focused on creating a better world with our thoughts. Elena talked about how our thoughts create our reality, and how changing our way of thinking can help to achieve peace. After this, we formed the Divine Spark IN and prayed for peace in each region of the world. Beginning with the Americas, we recited, “Peace prevails in America,” after which one of the participants named all the countries in the Americas, and then we formed the Divine Spark IN three times. We did the same for each continent and all other regions of the world.

Next, Elena talked about the Fuji Declaration, explaining what it is and the significance of this international alliance calling for oneness among humanity and the expression of our divine spark. As Elena read the five affirmations and commitments at the end of the Fuji Declaration, participants were invited to meditate and contemplate how these five points relate to their own lives.

To close the ceremony, we took several deep breaths of peace, sending light to people who we felt were in need of it. Participants gave their thanks and made many wonderful comments about the event. Andrea Solana remarked: “It was an event full of light, of infinite love. I was very happy to share this SOPP with all the people present, with a different program to the ones we have created in the past. I felt an immense light, and I felt that this weekend we were receiving and joining the light generated by love from all the SOPPs that were taking place in different parts of the world.”

A video of the gathering can be viewed at

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