East Fremantle, Australia

report by Elaine George

This celebration on May 30 was a collaborative endeavour between local SOPP supporters and the Baha’i Communities of East Fremantle and Mosman Park.

The program contained:

  • Gratitude to Mother Nature through prepared readings, individual contributions and a short discussion
  • A Baha’i healing prayer sung/chanted in Arabic and then recited in English
  • Readings/prayers/reflections on walking lightly and healing the earth
  • A healing chant sung in Farsi
  • Prayers for peace in each country and region on earth, as well as peace meditation
  • Music and sing-alongs

What a roller coaster ride of emotions we were gifted with: laughter, gratitude, pride, tears of joy and beauty (from the depth of emotion generated by the Farsi chant), and sheer enjoyment during the sing-along and the music of the auto-harp.

Many of those who attended enjoyed the program so much they are requesting we do it on a more regular basis!

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