Hovea, Australia

report by Elaine George

A most beautiful Symphony of Peace Prayers was once again held at Hovea Ashram, which is set in the Jarrah Forest, still largely in its natural state, and adjacent to Perth and Western Australia’s first National Park.

This year we held a Gratitude to Nature World Healing Circle honouring Mother Earth with group readings, music, chants, and prayers of gratitude and healing to Mother Earth threaded throughout our program.

There was a certain ‘magic’ in the air, created by the powerful Sufi music and lyrics in Farsi performed by Arman Abednia, played with the intent to allow guests to settle and reawaken their healing power.

Here is some feedback from a few of our guests:

“Thank you for your commitment to peace. It was a great morning on Sunday.”

“It was wonderful once again to be part of the Symphony of Peace Prayers program, joining with heartfelt prayers for peace on this beautiful and struggling planet. The beautiful Sufi music was the perfect backdrop to our wishes for world peace.”

“I loved the Symphony of Peace Prayers meeting because:

  • It had a variety of people from different religions and backgrounds.
  • It was held in a sacred place, the Hovea Ashram. The setting was excellent.
  • Music was part of the spiritual process.
  • All people were able to contribute through reading passages of positive readings featuring nature.
  • A lot of care and thought went into preparation of the writings and handouts given to all the participants and for the program.
  • It was good that people were able to make some contributions from their own knowing, and there was room to be honest that peace is not possible while injustice and inequality exist. As such, there are definite prerequisites needed in order to believe peace is possible.
  • It was lovely that we all brought flowers and good food to share over interaction with participants.”

“This year’s SOPP was held in the most beautiful environment of the Perth Hills, a befitting location to remember God and His great gifts to mankind. The spirit of the event, prayers recited and the loving fellowship and joy in each other’s company, were truly a testimony to God’s pervasive power that removes all differences among his children… attesting to the participants’ beliefs that we are all flowers of one garden.”

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