Potenza, Italy

report by Maria Caterina Putignano

On May 15, we held an online SOPP gathering based in Potenza. Our gathering included a peace meditation in connection with the global SOPP, and each participant prepared a prayer or mantra from a different spiritual tradition. We performed a series of wordless prayers, including the Divine Spark IN, and prayed for peace in each country and region of the world. We offered a wordless prayer of Gratitude to Nature, and finally shared a bit about our own experiences with peace in our lives.

On May 16, I joined a meditation with a small group of interfaith friends, and we affirmed our connection with the SOPP at Fuji Sanctuary. I also know of some other groups who gathered on the 16th, in Rome, Tuscany, and Sicily, as well as a group in the north of Spain.

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