Burgos, Spain

report by Asun Serna

May 30th was a very, very special day for us. We celebrated the SOPP in a very heartfelt gathering. We felt like a family.

In Burgos, over the years we have held many SOPP and peace ceremonies, usually indoors or in people’s gardens. This time, we held our ceremony out in public, in front of the Museum of Human Evolution.

Toward the end, we were dancing in a circle around the flags of the world. At one point, a young mother began to dance with all of us, holding her very small baby, and then she spontaneously put him in the center of the mandala where the flags had been placed during the ceremony! It was a very emotional moment.

We were able to hold this kind of event thanks to the preparation and the enthusiasm of past years. A thousand thanks to those who made it possible to arrive today at this celebration of peace for the nations of the world. A thousand thanks to those who made the wooden mandala and the supports for the flags—all this allowed us to hold an SOPP that was deep and light at the same time.

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