3 events: Buenos Aires, Los Polvorines, Moreno City

Buenos Aires: report by Mare Cazau

About 20 people joined in this year’s gathering in Buenos Aires, which was held on May 18 in a public park in the Recoleta neighborhood. After some words of welcome, we created harmony through music, and we held a minute of silence to synchronize our energy with that at Fuji Sanctuary. We recited a poem for the earth, and then held a flag ceremony to pray for peace in each nation. We closed the gathering with a universal peace dance, and gave flowers to the participants as they left.

Because we were outdoors in a park, a few passersby approached us and joined in our gathering, adding a powerful energy. Nature accompanied us with a very soft shower of rain and a light wind, which added a soft, gentle touch, and we felt a sense of brotherhood with nature. Participants who had not taken part in this event before said they were very moved by it. One of them said she felt peace coming from Mother Earth through her words.


Los Polvorines: report by Andrea Solana

About 15 people were present for the event in Los Polvorines, a district in greater Buenos Aires, which included a flag ceremony to pray for peace in each country and region on earth. Even before the event, we felt a lot of energy building up. Holding this gathering brought me infinite joy and happiness, both for what we were creating and simply because we were all working together to do it. Everything went smoothly and harmoniously, and I had a sense that everything is possible.


Moreno City: report by Gloria Hirigoyen

The gathering in Moreno City, just outside Buenos Aires, was once again held at El Telar de Etis social and cultural center, on May 19. About 30 people attended. We read Masami Saionji’s message for the 2013 SOPP, held a minute of silence to synchronize with Fuji Sanctuary, and then harmonized our energy to the beautiful sound of quartz bowls. We offered prayers of gratitude to Mother Earth and held a peace prayer ceremony with national flags. We ended the gathering with peace dances, songs, and an exchange of peace messages in paper cranes.

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