5 events: Las Piedras, Mercedes, Santa Lucia, Sarandi del Yi, Solymar

Uruguay: report by Elena Becú

This year, there were five gatherings in Uruguay that connected with the SOPP. I was present at four of them. First, on May 18, I met with one other person in Mercedes, where I live, and we offered a wordless prayer and held a peace meditation. That afternoon, I met with a small group of people in Santa Lucia. We held a silent meditation, talked about the activities of Byakko Shinko Kai (which initiated the Symphony of Peace Prayers movement), and we made arrangements to hold regular gatherings there.

The next day, May 19, I met with a group in Las Piedras, just outside Montevideo. The group there took part in the SOPP last year. We did several activities together—peace dances, yoga, meditation, an offering to the earth, and our main activity which was the flag ceremony to pray for peace in each country.

That afternoon I went to Solymar and met with one person there to offer peace prayers. The SOPP was also celebrated by another group in Sarandi del Yi. All the gatherings this year were small, intimate ones.

It was also wonderful for many people to be able to join live with Fuji Sanctuary through the live broadcast, or to watch it later. We were more together than ever!

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