Democratic Republic of the Congo

3 events: Beni, Butembo, Kisangani

Democratic Republic of Congo: report by Muhindo Mapendo Kasongo Pascal

This year we held prayer gatherings in the cities of Beni, Butembo, and Kisangani. We talked about the power of prayers for peace. People of different religions participated actively and appreciated the importance of the SOPP. We explained to them that when people meet in order to search for and establish peace, their thoughts are influenced by their different interests. So, true peace comes slowly and does not easily become reality. We can say that true peace depends on the interests of people—especially politicians—who meet in order to establish it. But if we join our prayers for peace, it will be a reality because when we pray, we bless God and ask God to protect us, to give us peace, and to change the world—to change the minds of people in order to make the world wonderful, harmonious, and peaceful.

At 11:00 on May 19, I met with a group of young women in Beni City. They also appreciated the SOPP, and we prayed for peace together. The gathering in Butembo was held on Saturday evening, and in Kisangani on Sunday morning.

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