Zlatá Idka, Slovakia: report by Klara Hodnicova

On May 19, we held prayers for our planet Earth at a place we call ‘Peace Mountain’ on the highest peak of Kojšovská Hoľa, 1,246 meters above sea level near the small village of Zlatá Idka. The weather was very pleasant, and we climbed the mountain with about 100 children and 40-60 adults from different towns in eastern Slovakia.

Special painted pictures were prepared for this event as symbols of the Earth. The children also brought very attractive ornaments for the peace poles that are located on Peace Mountain. There are 49 peace poles because Slovakia’s is at the 49th parallel of latitude. We wore green t-shirts symbolizing the Earth’s natural colour.

At the end of ceremony, Slovak folk singers gave a performance for our planet Earth. Before leaving, we finished together with the declaration May peace prevail on Earth!

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