Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: report by Hiroko Atkins

We held a successful SOPP ceremony at my home this year. Seven of us gathered in all. One of our organizers was on a trip to the United States and did not think she would be able to attend this year, but on May 18, she phoned us to say that she was on her way back to Rio. That evening, another past participant whom I had not heard from in a long time also telephoned me to take part.

The day of the SOPP was a beautiful day, and the rain the day before made everything feel very serene. We started at about 11 am, when everyone had arrived. Some of the participants performed special prayers without words using spiritual breathing. After that, we all prayed May peace prevail on Earth, and then offered prayers from various religious faiths and traditions—Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Shintoism, Buddhism, the Brazilian native tradition, and the teachings of the Holy Spirit. Next, we prayed for peace in each country and region using the country’s national flags. We closed with another wordless prayer.

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