Kamnik, Slovenia: report by Lorraine Watts

We woke up to a beautiful sunny day. Sheila Michie and her friend Felicity Rose flew from England four days previously, and we were also joined by Jana who has been helping me with physiotherapy since I fractured my knee. My husband John took the photos and joined in for the Shiva song and dance.

Sheila and Felicity picked wild flowers out of the garden to float in a large bowl of water, which was the central point around which we all stood outside. They strategically placed three beautiful crystals and angel cards. The angels that came to be with us were Archangel Michael and Azreal.

Sheila opened the ceremony by reading Masami Saionji’s poem “Creation of the Universe,” and we proceeded with the Hindu Salutation to the Four Directions, starting with the Deity Lord Indra in the east, which is connected to the Earth element and new beginnings. Whilst facing the east we offered our gratitude to nature and gave thanks to the heavenly host, our guardian deities and guardian spirits. We then performed the salutation and moved to face the south, connected to the Sun (the fire element) and Lord Yama, the bringer of strength and love. We asked that we be given strength to fulfill our missions in life, and then sang the Native American song, “I am one with the Infinite Sun.” We performed the salutation and moved to face the west, connected with the element of water and with Lord Varuna, who helps with healing. We proceeded to do a standing healing meditation which connected with the Earth energy and the Sun energy, after which we did the salutation bringing us to the north direction and Lord Kubera, associated with the air element and helping us to bring wisdom and abundance into our lives. Felicity read the Buddhist prayer of the stages of the path. The Salutation ended with the Shiva song and dance, which we all enjoyed greatly, as we were joined by John, who does not dance very often but threw himself enthusiastically into it, making us all laugh!

We settled ourselves with 20 minutes of oneness meditation before commencing our flag ceremony, praying for each country using plastic flag cards. The ceremony ended with us reciting May peace prevail on Earth three times and hugging one another.

Sheila, who helped with this report, wrote, “It was a great joy being with friends in the beautiful natural scenery of Slovenia.” For me it was a wonderful week spending time with Sheila and Felicity, and an honour to have hosted this SOPP in Slovenia. It is wonderful to be part of this movement, which brings us all together in prayer.

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