Chillán, Chile: report by Marta Rojas Berndt and Carolina Flores

About ten people attended our gathering at a dojo in the city of Chillán. We had the flags of the world arranged around a large peace pole at the center of the room. After welcoming remarks, we gave a brief explanation of the significance of the SOPP, and then read the message from Masami Saionji. We performed wordless prayers with spiritual breathing, then did peace dances and spoke light-filled words together. We offered peace prayers and closed by exchanging paper cranes with peace messages.

The SOPP is a wonderful way to deeply feel an elevated consciousness—loving, creative and full of joy. Our hearts were overwhelmed by the greatness of love, faith, peace, and the greatness of our essential being. We are grateful to God and to everyone who helped make it possible for us to organize this event, and for this wonderful opportunity to be part of a greater awareness, moved by love, faith and infinite gratitude.

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