Two events: Buenos Aires, Moreno City

Buenos Aires: report by Mare Cazau

About 100 people of all ages attended our SOPP ceremony at the Romero Brest Institute in Buenos Aires. Prayer leaders from eleven different religious and spiritual traditions participated, and together with the musicians and other contributors, created a concert of respect and great harmony—festive and vibrant!

We held a flag ceremony of prayers for peace in each country, which felt like one extended prayer, without borders or boundaries. After that, participants joined in songs, prayers, chants, and meditations. Everything was carried out smoothly.

Following the ceremony, I was overwhelmed with joy. With each new SOPP, I feel a transformation in my soul. I see the sparkle in the eyes of the prayer leaders who have shared with us year after year. It is moving, and really wonderful. I am happy and grateful to be part of it.


Moreno City: report by Gloria Hirigoyen

On May 13th, around 30 people gathered at the Etis Loom social and cultural center for the first SOPP event in Moreno City, just outside Buenos Aires. My husband carried the Earth flag in the flag ceremony, which was so beautiful. I cannot describe the joy that it made me feel. After that we joined in peace prayers, and then finished with a song. I feel a profound love and gratitude to my friends and soulmates who carried out ceremonies in other places, and I look forward to another SOPP in Moreno City in the future!

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