Bad Kissingen: report by Rita Erhardt

In Germany, three of us offered prayers individually in our homes—Regine Votteler was in Freiburg, Ingrid Lueck was in Bad Wildungen, and I was in Bad Kissingen. We all started at 10 am on May 20.

I arranged and decorated the room, and I felt as nervous and excited as if there would be soon many guests in my home!

During my meditation, I envisioned myself in the air over Germany. I saw our three cities, and from each city there was a ray of light going into the sky, and these rays came together to form one big ray. Then, with this ray, I saw myself in the sky over Fuji Sanctuary. Through some small clouds I could see that the ceremony was already over and the Prayer Field was empty. But I could feel and inhale the peace, connectedness and oneness. I was absolutely full of joy, full of silence, full of love, full of gratitude and full of surprise at the same time.

The prayers I offered for peace in each country were also interesting. I intended to say the prayers only in German, but I felt that I had to pray for the different nations more than only one time, and in all the languages that are spoken in that nation (that I know). I finished the ceremony with singing and dancing.

For me, this SOPP was an experience of oneness, peace and infinite possibilities. It felt something like crossing borders. I recognize once again the power of this movement for peace, and I am full of gratitude and respect!

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