Two events: Paris, Varaire

Paris: report by Momoe Suga

Seven of us met in Paris for a prayer gathering near the Champs Elysees. Though our numbers were small, prayers were also offered at the same time by a Catholic group, at a Tibetan Peace Pagoda, and by the manager of a Buddhist center.

One of our participants remarked: “Offering prayers for all the countries of the world made me feel closer to each country.” Another said: “Our gathering had a wonderful atmosphere, thanks to all those who participated. It was really wonderful.”


Varaire: report by Satyakaman

We were extremely happy to join in the SOPP on May 20. It was a rainy day. We were hoping very much that the weather was more benevolent at Mount Fuji, but at the same time, rain is a divine blessing.

In our center, there was a medium sized group of people. We chanted the Gayatri mantra for a long time, with peace as an intention, then we held a short ceremony in front of the peace pole with a sacred lamp (Indian style) and 2 wicks, out in the rain, for another prayer.

We had strong thoughts of friendship and love towards everyone at Fuji Sanctuary, with great happiness to be united in contributing to a better planet.

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