Beauvais, France: report by Nicole Cressiot

On Saturday, May 19, we gathered for a connection with the Symphony of Peace Prayers at Fuji Sanctuary and around the world. Despite a general train strike and an uncertain weather forecast, all worked out smoothly and we enjoyed a wonderful ceremony in nature, in resonance with the elements.

At the train station we welcomed seven ‘divine sparks’ from Paris, all of whom were delighted to breathe in the fresh country air! We started the ceremony with a short silent meditation to the rhythm of bird songs, the wind, and the scents of flowers. We recited the prayer May peace prevail on Earth in Japanese, French and English, and with great beauty and focus, we formed the Divine Spark IN.

This set the tone for a joyful flag ceremony, with each continent welcomed by various prayers—the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi, a Buddhist prayer performed by a Japanese participant, a prayer of the indigenous people, a vibrant “Shalom Salam,” and the Great Invocation. To conclude, we read a poem by Masahisa Goi. Each of us recited one of these prayers and led the prayers for that continent. We concluded each continent with the Divine Spark IN. After dedicating the new peace pole in my garden, we concluded the ceremony with several more Divine Spark INs.

In this celebration of peace and divine awakening, it was the simplicity of the ceremony and its lightness, bathed and supported by the beauty of nature, that made the Symphony truly special. Our hearts were filled with joy, like children, and we felt at one with all humanity in our prayers for peace to prevail on earth. We closed the gathering with some delicious food and a wonderful matcha tea ceremony. Many of the participants asked when they could come back!

Deep gratitude for this special day and to the Paris group of shining divine sparks!

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