3 events: Luino, Melfi, Potenza


Luino, Italy: report by Martina Bonetti

On Sunday, May 20 at 11 am, we offered prayers for peace in all the nations of the world. The flags of all nations were laid on a mandala of love and peace dedicated to the earth, which has been part of several peace events held in this region.


Melfi, Italy: report by Vito Palladino

A peace ceremony was held in Melfi on June 4, as part of a historical celebration with a large group of school students. The mayor of the city opened the ceremony, and participants paraded four kilometers through the city, waving the flags of the world and wearing medieval costumes, accompanied by drums.


Potenza, Italy: report by Vito Palladino

The SOPP ceremony held in Piazza G. Matteotti inPotenza on May 19 was a great success, filled with energy and light. 200 students from the Leonardo Sinisgalli School took part, and were joined by the deputy prefect of Potenza, the councilor for culture of the municipality of Potenza, the school manager, and various representatives of cultural associations of the city of Potenza.

In a short but powerful ceremony, participants prayed the word ‘peace’ in the various national languages. The students were clearly excited about the experience. We as organizers were very happy that everything went well. A beautiful light and divine joy manifested throughout the ceremony.

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