Urrez, Spain: report by Maria Caterina Putignano

Our SOPP celebration in Urrez was absolutely beautiful! Asun Serna, myself, and others worked very hard, meeting with different peace groups in the area, promoting the SOPP, and sharing our peace visions. When meeting with other groups, we clarified the significance of the SOPP and Masami Saionji’s vision of oneness. With harmony among different organizations, we were able to experience a wonderful SOPP celebration.

Over 50 people took part in the event, which began with a ‘peace pilgrimage,’ with stations for each of the five continents. At those stations, each continent was celebrated with songs, dances, poems, and prayers. After 30 minutes of walking in silence, the peace path led to a field with the flags of all countries. We formed a big circle and elevated the flags as we prayed for peace in each country. For each continent, we had a prayer from a different spiritual tradition. At the end, a mother and her child carried the Earth flag.

There was great emotion during the ceremony, especially when members of ServiceSpace liberated a baby eagle in honor of the ceremony. In addition, about ten people learned the Divine Spark IN for the first time. My infinite gratitude goes out to Asun and all those who helped to make this event possible.

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