Nakivale Refugee Settlement, Uganda: report by Fraide Emmanuel Kibibi

Our SOPP took place in southwestern Uganda in a refugee camp that has refugees from DR Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Somalia and South Sudan.

This was a great moment because all people in the camp are yearning for peace. Women, children, and men of all religions gathered together and prayed, sang, and recited May peace prevail on Earth,all in the same place.

After that, we shared clothes with widows and children who had lost their husbands and fathers in the wars back in their homelands. By the time we left, all the people showed that they were happy to unite with others all over the world, no matter what hardship they are going through. I believe and hope that all these people will have inner peace, and I request all friends the world over to also pray for us. That was the message they asked me to share.

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