2 events: Bad Kissingen and Bad Wildungen


Bad Kissingen, Germany: report by Rita Erhardt

On May 20, my husband and I held a small and brief SOPP ceremony here in our home. We were focused, but we also had fun. There was a feeling of stardust or particles of light falling down on us and into us—very peaceful!

On Sunday the 27th of May, a group of eight people came together in Bad Kissingen to celebrate the Symphony of Peace Prayers. The meeting started with reading the “Words of Welcome” from Masami Saionji. After that, each participant read a prayer for peace from a different religious group or spiritual tradition. Then we prayed for peace in each country. We were concentrated and prayed from the bottom of our hearts. With the flag cards, we built a mandala on the floor. At the end, we stood in a circle around the mandala holding each other’s hands and declaring May peace prevail on Earth three times. We were convinced that we had created a ray of light helping to bring peace to everyone and everywhere that needs it.


Bad Wildungen, Germany: report by Ingrid Lück

I prayed for peace on my own at home, connecting with SOPP events around the world.

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