2 events: Kuala Lumpur and Kuantan

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: report by Mother Mangalam

The SOPP at the Pure Life Society in Kuala Lumpur was attended by members of the Inter-Faith Spiritual Fellowship (INSaF), as well as staff and children of the PLS. The programme started with a briefing by Mother Mangalam who spoke about the annual gathering at the Fuji Sanctuary and a few of her experiences while she was there. This was followed by prayers extolling the various Saints, Sages, Prophets and Saviours.

The congregation then left the Temple of the Universal Spirit and walked around the Peace Pole, holding hands and praying May Peace Prevail on Earth nine times. The song “One God, One World, One Race” was sung by all, followed by meditation. The event ended with all present repeating the words Om Shanthi three times. This was followed by a vegetarian dinner at the PLS dining hall.


Kuantan, Malaysia: report by Haruyuki Uchiyama

On the 20th of May, a little past 9 am, my wife and I connected with the SOPP at Fuji Sanctuary through the live broadcast on Ustream. In recent years, I have participated both online and in person at Fuji Sanctuary. Watching the ceremony online is not the same, but it is still good to feel connected.

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