2 events: San Justo and Tigre


San Justo, Argentina
report by Isabel Bueti

How wonderful! How moving! It was a very a heartwarming event. Everybody cried. It was very peaceful. A hundred people were present, including lots of young people. A very elderly lady was so happy to be able to carry a flag, and a man who came on crutches also took part and was exhilarated.

The photos of participants show how touched people were by the vibration we created. Even today I can feel the thrill of it! A hundred people in silence, honoring each flag, feeling the peace and being aware that we are sowing the seeds of peace, that we are that peace. Our hearts were overwhelmed, even the men cried. It exceeded all our expectations.

We closed the event by forming two circles, looking into the eyes of the person across from us, embracing and recognizing in the other their own deep wish for peace. It felt like we were brothers and sisters knowing that we are peace, changing, with our small grain of sand, the vibration of the planet. Everybody left with their heart full of gratitude.

As I write this, I still feel the emotion I felt during this event. It was as if we were in space, in absolute silence, in another vibration. I am so grateful and so happy that we were able to hold this event. It is a privilege to have been part of the SOPP.


Tigre, Argentina
report by Andrea J. Solana

A group of people gathered at the Flag Path in Tigre, just outside Buenos Aires, to connect with Fuji Sanctuary for the Symphony of Peace Prayers. At the foot of each flag we performed the Divine Spark IN, ending with the Earth flag, where we invited the participants to say something for the planet, our Mother Earth. It was a powerful experience for everyone.

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