2 events: Ecatapec and Merida


Ecatapec, Mexico
report by Lilia Monroy Martinez

In this year’s SOPP ceremony, we invited children for the first time, and the experience was wonderful. They paid attention to everything that was going on. They also felt thankful for having been part of the ceremony. I feel very grateful, and I really appreciate the work of Byakko Shinko Kai from the bottom of my heart.


Merida, Mexico
report by Monica Simone

On this wonderful day, a group of 30 women gathered to celebrate peace in our hearts and spread it to the world. The group of women, from the Moon Dance of Yucatan, made special prayers for peace in each of the countries around the world. With great emotion, each of the women helped to form a great mandala of flags, delivering the prayers for each of the countries. When the mandala was complete, we did our ritual of smoking the chanunpa, a ceremonial pipe, to raise our prayers for peace. With great joy and songs of the Mayan tradition, we danced in an offering circle. It was a sacred moment that we keep in our hearts, with great joy and conscience.

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