2 events: Paris and Pau

Paris, France
report by Nicole Cressiot

On May 25th, a group of people gathered in Paris to celebrate the Symphony of Peace Prayers. Ten of us formed a circle for a silent prayer, followed by the universal prayer for peace, Que la Paix règne sur Terre (May Peace Prevail on Earth). After forming the Divine Spark IN with the intention of stirring humanity’s consciousness, we began the prayers for each nation. We chose to recite the prayers in the present tense, a strong affirmation of a world at peace not in the future but now!

The beautiful peace mandala of national flags came alive with a wonderful energy as we intoned the last prayer for all the other regions of the world. We closed the prayers with the Divine Spark IN performed seven times. We felt deeply connected to the global energy of the SOPP that stretched from early May to the end of May, in an infinite wave of peace, love and unity. A delicious cup of tea gave us some time to share and enjoy this coming together in service.


Pau, France
report by Nicole Cressiot

On May 12th, a group of people gathered in France at the Pyrénées Mountains, in the Lescun Valley near the city of Pau, to celebrate the Symphony of Peace Prayers.

The day before, a group of younger people and their families had gathered in the same valley for their annual event celebrating spring. Everyone seemed to know each other, and it seemed that the announcement of our peace celebration had spread through the valley from ear to ear.

As we gathered and set up a few materials, people joined in helping to decide on the exact location. We ended up holding the ceremony near a beautiful river flowing straight out of a gorgeous cascade. Two huge rock formations shooting up to the sky seemed to be expecting our prayers for peace and for tolerance in respect of our diversity, our compassion and love for humanity, and our deep respect for the earth and all its life.

There was no need for too many words. I gave a short explanation of the SOPP and of the peace prayers with the flags of all nations, and also read Masami Saionji’s poem “Creation of the Universe.” A circle then formed spontaneously, with everyone joining hands for a moment of silent meditation, our hearts united as one as we took that time to commune, to feel the place we were gathered in, humbled by the awesomeness of nature. Nature was bringing us together.

We began our prayers with the Divine Spark IN(performed by those who knew the IN),and then prayed for peace in each nation by intoning the word ‘peace’ in each national language, and saying, Peace is in (name of country). It was a celebration of peace for all people, regardless of faith or ideology, and for our planet Earth, with its glorious yet fragile nature. We closed the ceremony with some freestyle prayers and songs. To conclude the gathering, we again invited participants to join in the Divine Spark IN.

It was a gift to be able to let our prayers resonate in this amazing valley, feeling every sprig of grass, the mountains, and the river carry our prayers for peace. Together, we celebrated our unity in our diversity, for a rebirth of humanity’s divine essence—our divine spark.

I feel deep gratitude for the SOPP, which allows for such coming together of peoples from all walks of life, with a similar goal—a new world at peace with itself and with all forms of life.

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