2 events: Bad Kissingen and Bad Wildungen


Bad Kissingen, Germany
report by Rita Erhardt

Three of us met in Bad Kissingen on the afternoon of Sunday, the 19th of May, to be part of the worldwide field of prayer.

We came together at 3pm. After reaffirming to ourselves that we are divine beings and that we have the power to create our world with our thoughts and our consciousness, we tried to connect with all the other SOPP ceremonies around the globe. After some minutes of silence, we started our ceremony by reading peace prayers from many different religions and indigenous traditions. In the next step, we prayed for peace in every single country using flag cards. Although we were in a very concentrated state of mind, the ceremony was full of ease, flow, and acceptance. With the cards we created a mandala on the floor, with the symbols of the four elements in the center.

At the end of the ceremony, our hearts were full of joy and gratitude, and we all had the feeling that we had been part of a very important and powerful act. We had entwined our three divine sparks into one bigger one, and felt united with all living beings. Once again we were a little bit overwhelmed feeling the power of our small group.


Bad Wildungen, Germany
report by Ingrid Lück

I connected to Fuji Sanctuary and all places in the world where SOPP events were held. Then, I formed the Divine Spark IN and other wordless prayers for peace, and held a long meditation session, praying for all the countries in the world.

I had a wonderful experience: One day before the SOPP I started feeling at total peace with all the issues and problems I seemed to need to deal with at the moment. They just did not matter. It was a beautiful space to be in. This feeling stayed with me for some time. Infinite gratitude!

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