4 events: Pewel Wielka, Warsaw, Węsiory, Zachełmie


Pewel Wielka, Poland
report by Adam Krzoska

From my home, I connected with SOPP participants at Fuji Sanctuary and around the world. I did a meditation for peace, performed the Divine Spark IN 108 times, and prayed for peace in the world.


Warsaw, Poland
report by Waldemar Jozwiak

I performed my private SOPP on the evening of May 19, when I came back from a weekend workshop. I started with oneness meditation, then performed a wordless prayer for every continent, along with regions and countries with ongoing wars and conflicts. Then, I continued with prayers for Infinite Peace, Infinite Light, Infinite Love, and Infinite Consciousness Transformation. I finished with a meditation for peace in each country, breathing in the name of the country or region and exhaling “peace.”


Węsiory, Poland
report by Grażyna Staszczynska

On 19 May, eight friends met in Węsiory, a place of great energy and power. We prayed and meditated for peace, affirmed the Fuji Declaration, and sent energy to all beings around the world with the intention of harmony and unity.


Zachełmie, Poland
report by Ewa Zlotkowska

On a beautiful Sunday, the 19th of May, in the wonderful mountain village of Zachełmie, together with my daughters and friends we connected with Fuji Sanctuary and thousands of people around the world to be united as one and pray for peace and harmony. We prayed for each country and the citizens of that country. Afterwards, we affirmed the Fuji Declaration and meditated for world peace.

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