Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
report by Geetha Madhavan

On May 25th, the Pure Life Society and Home for Orphans and Underprivileged Children in Kuala Lumpur celebrated both the SOPP and the birthday of its leader Mother Mangalam, with Society staff, members, volunteers, and children attending.

The programme started with guests signing their messages of peace on a Peace Scroll, followed by a slideshow presentation on the SOPP and the Pure Life Society’s connection with it. Mother Mangalam appeared in some of the scenes of this presentation.

The event also included a presentation of Mother Mangalam’s poem “What Is Peace?” recited by a few of our senior girls under the care of our Home. After the poem, we prayed May peace prevail on Earth together.

What is Peace?
by Mother Mangalam

What is peace if not in –
giving of one’s self.
sharing of one’s wealth
caring for others
smiling at one’s neighbour
loving without a bargain
understanding your opponent
using your tongue with care
gazing at the stars and the moon
protecting nature’s virginity
delving into one’s conscience
feeling for the weak
abiding by the rule of law
abstaining from greed and anger
expanding our love to all humanity
performing our dharma amid the humdrum of life
using our energy for constructive purposes
subduing the ego in us
living in Supreme consciousness
seeing the One Spirit in all. 

Give peace a chance
If that is what you are searching for
For peace begets progress and prosperity
Both in matter and spirit
The basic elements of life’s existence.

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