2 events: Cochabamba and La Paz


Cochabamba, Bolivia: report by Daría Viscarra

On May 17, 24 participants gathered in Cochabamba to add their hearts and voices to the SOPP celebrations worldwide. People from various cultures came together, and there was a tremendous amount of energy. Participants joined in offering prayers from different faiths and traditions. The Soul of WoMen campaign was introduced, and participants were given sheets of paper on which to write a word or phrase that they felt embodies the divine feminine.

In a flag ceremony, participants prayed for peace in each country, placing large flag cards in a spiral formation at the center of the space, amidst flower petals and other decorations. As the Earth flag was carried through the space, everyone prayed all together for peace throughout the world. We closed the gathering holding hands in a circle and singing a peace song.

It was a very nourishing experience to feel the strong emotions spreading through the group. This event was a very effective sowing of seeds, as the group is now meeting once a week for meditation gatherings.

A full video of the gathering is available online at:


La Paz, Bolivia: report by Daría Viscarra

Our second event in Bolivia was held in La Paz on May 19, with about 25 participants. Here, the highlight was the presence of leaders from various religions and creeds, who presented their prayers for peace.

Again, we introduced the Soul of WoMen campaign, and participants prayed for peace in each country in a beautiful flag ceremony. After the Earth flag was presented and everyone prayed for peace on earth, participants shared lots of hugs and good wishes to each other.

Having organized SOPP events in two cities this year, I have realized that these are transformative experiences which will continue on into the future.

Nicolas, who was in charge of photography and video recording, remarked: “From a personal point of view, it was a moving experience. Getting involved in this activity made me realize how important it is to work for initiatives which go beyond the self, in activities which are less individualistic. Thank you for promoting this activity and for inviting me to participate and collaborate with its organization.”

A full video of the event is available online at:

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