5 events: Gdańsk, Pawel Wielka, Szklarska Poręba, Warsaw, and Zachełmie


Gdańsk, Poland: report by Agnieszka Gutral

This year we had two days of celebration. On May 14th, in my yoga and meditation center in Gdańsk, we held three workshops dedicated to feminine energy. The next day, on the 15th of May, twenty friends (ages 8-86) joined in celebrating the SOPP. We performed wordless prayers for peace, we talked about the Fuji Declaration and read it, and we created a beautiful mandala from the flags of all the countries. We also held a special meditation for peace in the world, especially in places where there are conflicts. It was a great day filled with joy and love.


Pawel Wielka, Poland: report by Adam Krzoska

Celebrating the 2016 Symphony of Peace Prayers was a very deep and beautiful experience for me. This special day, when people all around the word meditate and pray for peace was a day of great harmony. I felt divine love, peace and harmony—the dimensional vibration of the world was elevated. I felt an all-embracing unity with the whole universe and every living being. I would like to say: Thank You for the opportunity to pray together. We are all one. May our bright souls always remember their divine origin and pray for world peace. Let our hearts always manifest the divine nature of the universal source, of which we are part. Let the universal love, which flows as divine peace, harmony and beauty, manifest in our lives and guide us. Peace to all from Poland.


Szklarska Poręba, Poland: report by Jacek Kozłowski and Darek Michalski

Our group of ten people met on May 15 in Szklarska Poręba, near Jelenia Góra, at the home of Darek Michalski, who was hosting an SOPP gathering for the second time. We connected on Skype with Darek’s daughter and her husband, who live in Prague, and they joined in our prayers. We began by watching the video of the Fuji Sanctuary SOPP. After that, we did a meditation for peace for each country in the world. We also created a peace mandala dedicated to all of the countries around the world. We read the Fuji Declaration and discussed the of Soul of WoMen campaign. Together, we created an energy of harmony between the feminine and masculine, for a better, more harmonious world.


Warsaw, Poland: report by Monika Kozłowska

On 15th May I had planned to meet with four of my friends to celebrate the SOPP at my home. In the end, my friends couldn’t make it, but I held a private SOPP celebration anyway. Here, I would like to share some thoughts and feelings about the theme of this year’s SOPP.

I can perfectly remember having arguments in school about who is better—girls or guys. I always thought that, first of all, we are human beings, and that sex, age and skin color are less important. Once, when I spoke that thought aloud, I heard back, “No, boys are the best!” Instead of giving up, I tried to convince my peer that he was wrong, and to prove the superiority of women over men. In the end, my female tendency to compromise lost out to the male instinct to fight!

Over decades of fighting for their rights, women have finally won something: independence, self-determination, and equal status with men (at least in some cultures and countries). But in choosing masculine methods of reaching their goals, they lost something far more precious—their feminine sensibility. Now, I hear my well-educated, financially independent girlfriends complaining that men are not ‘manly’ any more, and that women have to deal with everything on their own. I hope that this experience of switching roles will bring some deeper understanding for both men and women. That is what I prayed for on 15th May: May feminine wisdom take the place of fighting, bringing peace and enlightenment for all humankind.


Zachełmie, Poland: report by Ewa Zlotkowska

Together with my lovely daughter Anita, we spent the day in prayer and meditation, linking with the SOPP at Fuji Sanctuary. We created a message for the Soul of WoMen campaign, and made mandalas for creating harmonious energy in our home and country. My daughter was happy to be a part of this global community, praying and meditating together for world peace.

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