Kiryat Ono, Israel: report by Hagit Ra’anan

It was 4:00 am in Israel when the SOPP at Fuji Sanctuary began. It is always a magical time, in the complete silence before sunrise, but on this day it was even bigger than that. I felt the energy very powerfully, as if I myself were sitting on the sacred field at the foot of Mount Fuji. Magnificent!

During the prayers from the different religious leaders, I was in tears of joy and gratefulness—there are no words to describe how I felt. Living in this turbulent part of the world, just knowing that people of different traditions, faiths and cultures can share blessings as one gave me infinite comfort! The world needs to know it! We can duplicate this by daily practicing respect for others, remembering that we are one, and that we can have a different world! It is possible! It is in our hands—we only need to choose it!

The parade of flags with the peace prayers for each country of the world was elevating, as it always is. I was waiting for the Palestinian flag, and eventually it waved towards the end. In my heart I pray that the day of having this flag in the regular alphabetical order is coming soon. Actually, I pray that all nations celebrate their right to exist in freedom and dignity. All humanity deserves it, without exception!

At one point, during the Soul of WoMen program, a big white butterfly entered my room. It was like a miracle—a sign of divine approval! Thank you to everybody who worked so hard to make these magical hours as beautiful and perfect as they were!

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