Košice and Zlatá Idka, Slovakia: report by Klara Hodnicova

This year, our SOPP celebration began during the month of March, with small groups practising meditation and wordless prayers, and reading texts from Masahisa Goi’s book God and Man. In April, children and their parents and grandparents prepared about 40 small mandalas in our peace school in the city of Košice, in the eastern region of Slovakia.

May was the time to put all our energy into the coming event, which was taking place at the sacred Peace Mountain, a spot 1,241 meters high with 49 Peace Poles, near the village of Zlatá Idka. On Sunday May 15, about 65 people visited Peace Mountain. We offered prayers and held a meditation to promote the awakening of feminine energy around the world.

May peace be in our hearts. May women’s souls find their spiritual place, and may they accomplish their missions on this planet Earth.

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