Paris, France: report by Nicole Cressiot

The first full SOPP ceremony in Paris was a success, and a wonderful energy flowed during the two-hour program that we manifested together. It was not the number of people, but the energy of the people gathered that created the moment. There was a clear desire to be together in prayers invoking peace, love, and harmony, to hear others sharing their stories and prayers, and to know that thousands of people around the world, including at Fuji Sanctuary, were emanating the same.

The Fuji Declaration and the theme of this year’s SOPP, the divine feminine, were invoked, and I asked that this energy guide us. The idea of the revival of the sacred feminine in all aspects of society as a guide for a world at peace seemed to be well understood by the people present.

To honor the Soul of WoMen campaign, Kaiga from Rwanda talked about her involvement with women and children building schools in her country, which was wonderful. A prayer was offered from the Christian faith, inspired from Vietnam; a Buddhist prayer was beautifully sung by members of Byakko Shinko Kai; and Kaiga sang a lovely Hindu prayer, which was enjoyed by all. Together, we recited at intervals two prayers from Fuji Sanctuary—“Creation of the Universe” and “A World Without Conflict” (both in French).

After our flag ceremony for peace in all the world nations, some of the participants shared a special wordless prayer for peace and harmony among humanity, inviting the people who didn’t know the prayer to join in. We also offered prayers of gratitude to the earth and to nature, which everyone seemed to love.

We closed the circle while singing the song “Imagine,” and we listened to “We Are All Shining Divine Sparks” in English. Although we were not able to sing the English song (yet!), participants seemed to recognize the wonderful energy it carries. After a minute of silence, everyone spontaneously shared a final thought, word, or feeling with the group. We recited May Peace Prevail on Earth and Peace Prevails on Earth (in French), and took some joyful photos to close the program.

We felt uplifted and united in this moment, through our profound wish to pray for peace, joining with many people around the world, connected through the same energy of love, joy, and peace, and our common desire to create a new world.

Some comments from participants: “A beautiful luminous energy, I am so happy this was realized at last!” “A magnificent momentum of peace. I am very touched and ready to share this celebration with friends every year.” “Thank you to all those forces that led me here to share this moment for peace.”

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