Victoria, Canada: report by Louise Taylor

For our 2016 SOPP celebration, the song “May Peace Prevail,” written by Robin Patrice, was presented by members of the Church of Truth in Victoria. It was part of the Sunday presentation under the theme “Perseverance.” A slideshow of internationally known Victoria-based bird artist Fennwick Landsdowne opened the event. This was followed by the presentation of the moveable peace pole which has been shown in many venues throughout the city. The song was then performed by the church-member choir, with one verse sung in Russian. The second time around, the entire gathering joined in singing. In my opening remarks, I said, “We have seen the words May Peace Prevail on Earth, thought them, lived them, dreamt them. When we have the opportunity to sing them, we give the words…wings…and they fly into infinity, ever expanding in the universe.”

A short video of the event can be viewed online at:

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