5 events: Chiautempan, Ciudad, Madero, Ecatepec, Mérida, and Mexico City


Chiautempan, Mexico: report by Esperanza Clemente

Although we were a small group gathered for our first SOPP celebration in Chiautempan, it was a beautiful and special occasion. We began with two children praying the Lord’s Prayer while regarding Mother Earth as a feminine energy. Then, we held a one-hour meditation, surrounded by flags of different nations and mandalas with various virtues written in them. We felt grateful for this opportunity to join with everyone around the world.


Ciudad Madero, Mexico: report by Aide Avila

Eleven peace-loving people attended our SOPP gathering in Ciudad Madero, in the state of Tamaulipas. We offered prayers from different faiths and traditions and held a flag ceremony in which we prayed for peace in each country of the world. We also introduced the Soul of WoMen campaign to participants.

It was a very pleasant and moving experience for me, especially when I was speaking about planet Earth at the end of the flag ceremony. I am overjoyed to have had this opportunity to send the energy of peace out to the world.


Ecatepec, Mexico: report by Lilia Monroy Martinez

On May 15, a group of 16 people gathered in Ecatepec to celebrate the SOPP. We offered prayers from different faiths and creeds, we talked about the Soul of WoMen campaign, and we held a flag ceremony to pray for peace in each country and region of the world.

Those who attended really connected with the work being done. I was very moved to see the participants declaring peace for the country whose flag they held in their hands. As we prayed for peace with the prayers of different religions, I had the feeling that we are all one. It was a wonderful experience that my friends and I hope to repeat, with more participants next time!


Mérida, Mexico: report by Mónica Simone

On the morning of May 14, a group of ten women met to add our energy and intention to the thousands of people around the world taking part in this event.

We started by reading the Fuji Declaration and talking about the Soul of WoMen campaign. All were very enthusiastic about this proposal, and performed prayers and meditation.

Then came our flag ceremony. With the flags of each country, we formed a colorful mandala around the Flower of Life, symbolizing the purpose of this gathering and the thousands of people gathering around the world. One by one, we took flags and read the name of each country, all saying a prayer for peace in that country. There was a young girl who participated throughout the ceremony, enthusiastically reading the names of the countries!

After the flag ceremony, we held a workshop to make handwritten mandalas. The participants wrote beautiful mandalas with gratitude and powerful words, and each of them took mandala papers home to continue working on them and to continue being part of the energy of the SOPP worldwide. Thanks to all the women who participated in this gathering!


Mexico City, Mexico: report by Claudia González

30 people took part in the SOPP gathering in Mexico City hosted by the Brahma Kumaris. We celebrated the Soul of WoMen campaign by splitting into small groups and reading ‘virtue cards,’ each of which talked about a different virtue, such as peace, love, harmony, gratitude, compassion, wisdom, forgiveness, respect, humility or freedom. Each card had an affirmation, which participants read to give power to these qualities in themselves, and to recognize themselves as co-creators of their lives and understand the importance of silence, meditation and prayer.

Then, for one hour we meditated with crystal bowls, to improve the health of the mind and body, and especially of Mother Earth. We talked about how we can feel Mother Earth through her generosity—her many flowers, fruits, and so on—even in her current damaged state. Thinking of Mother Earth, we need to give our best to our own self, our family, our community, our country and the planet.

In the last part of our program, we held a meditation on peace with the flags of all countries and mandalas of love, gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, and respect. Each participant offered some contribution from their mind with regard to these values, then selected a flag and placed it next to the others. The ceremony created a feeling of unity, harmony, and love among all human beings.

One participant commented, “For me it was very special to share my feelings, my experiences and spiritual knowledge through the virtue cards and mandalas.” Another remarked, “This ceremony made me feel great satisfaction, because for me it is important to contribute with my values for change in the world and in human beings.”

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